Thursday, 21 April 2011

Dusty work in the hot sun.

 The Strood Community trail mosaic markers are back on the agenda. The building contractor Volker have had a rush of work on end of financial year road works, so have been unable to install these markers. Now there is room in their schedule and all being well they should be going in during the first half of May.

I laid one of the mosaics in the whole to see what it would look like?

removing the waste stone for the
 mosaicsto be inserted in the recess. 

I have spent two days with Volker who have been very accomodating and assisted me in getting this project back on track. I was allowed to cut the waste stone from the markers at their depot. This will save cutting stone on the streets and in the parks of Strood. This is noisey, so far better for the good people of Strood not having to put up with me creating clouds of dust everywhere.

Nine inserts to cut on the face and nine circles to cut on the tops.

I used over a tank of petrol cutting these granite markers.
Above is a Knights Templar which will go outside Temple Manor.

circles on top for the trail logo and painted X's to indicate the end in the ground.

Very hot dusty work over two really lovely sunny days where I would have liked to have walked around Cliff Marshes just very close by. A big thanks to Volker Highways for moving these kerbs around for me.