Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Strood Safari

A very visual event with two main characters standing out amongst the Crowds.

The eccentric explorer Mr C.


The elegant Ms. Ann Pratt.

Stories and facts about Strood and its history were relived and shared with the people on the  walk.

telling stories en route

negotiating traffic on the bridge

including a primary school
pupils portrait of Ann
ideas and sketches for the trail markers
were displayed, inspired by community groups

Lots of people braved the weather and were rewarded with a chilly, but almost sunny December day. This guided tour covered about a quarter of the entire trail and finished with a look around medieval Temple Manor, which was kindly opened especially for the tour by friendly staff. Thanks to everyone who came along and walked with us, I came away feeling the good people of Strood had celebrated where they lived and showed it off to an 'out of towner' like me.

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