Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Mosaic Work Started.

I have followed the route with the highways department and agreed the sites for the mosaic markers. Plans have changed since the original proposal was agreed and most of these mosaic markers will now be embeded into granite kerb stones. These have been lying idle in a council depot for yonks and now will be re-claimed and stood upright at the agreed places. These making rather nice trail markers, one of my next tasks is to modify my designs to fit a tall thin shape, the other is to start mosaic work on two rocks.

kerbs in the council depot
a rock before working on it.

I have finished one rock but my workshop is so cold the quick drying cement I used is still wet the following day!....making handling these things very difficult, I have been bringing the rock into my home at night time (a bit like putting a child to bed) where it is warmer so as to speed up the drying time.

Portrait of Anne Pratt. She was a Victorian Botanist as I explained in an earlier post.
(work in progress) adapted drom a drawing by a primary school pupil.
My next rock will be wild flowers and I will start that tomorrow.

Here is a link to photographs taken by Peter Fry walking along on the Strood Safari

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