Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Mosaic Progress

I have got a few photos of the rocks being covered with tiles. The original circular designs are really acting as a guide only.  Working on a 3D surface like this changes everything, so I decided I want a flower here, here and here, indicate where that was with chalk and join them together with white lines. It is pointless drawing a design on the rock as I cover it over the design with cement.... and can't see where my lines were. So its all pretty free form.

Covering the second stone with flowers.

This was the final session and as you can see...... er....... one of those chalk lines must be in the right place?

When I finished it I then need to grout them. This is to keep the weather out.
Totaly covered the whole thing with black grout.
 The more you put on the more you have to take off!
I'm sure they will clean up fine.

If all goes to plan the majority of the markers will be on these upright kerbs, so I need to modify my designs again to fit into a very narrow, sort of tall but thin shape. Below is a diagram of what these markers will be like. I think the little round cross logo goes on the top of each stone, so this will indentify them as part of the trail (same as the sign posts).

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