Monday, 21 February 2011

Almost finished making the main inserts

the last few almost done

I have completed the last three mosaics now. There are the two covered rocks in the background of this photo as well!

There are two spare rocks which, may be one day will get covered with something if I find the time. I liked the faces on the stones and would like to carry on with the idea. But that will have to wait for a rainy day  as I have little time at the moment.

The time for installation is still unclear but I have completed all the main inserts now and only need to make a couple of the small round logos which will go on the top of the stones.

two of the final three designs.
The one on the right will go at the bottom of the new stairs at Rede Common, showing wild flowers, drawn by pupils from the first workshop I did.

The one on the left is actually on of my favourites, it is a map of Strood! Originally drawn by one of the the very young pupils with special needs. He took his map home with him as he was so pleased with it and I needed to take a photo copy to keep a record of it. I remember starting work on it with him and  how hard it seemed to draw a map of Strood:........ impossible on fact. But after a while it was ok and maps don't need to look like ordanace survey maps,  they can record things other than roads and the shapes of buildings.

This map shows living in Strood and home is in the lower right corner. I think this family either have a pet or they can see foxes in their garden (lower left). The blue circle is what I imagine is a pond passed on the way to school and again on the way home. This is my interpretation of the arrows coming out of the pond, my photo copy of his map is black and white so I dont even really know if it is a pond? There is a yellow door which is the entrance to the school and children playing in the school playground.

A very simple map, but one that represent hunderds of young school childrens lives in the Strood area. I put a flower or is the sun in a space just outside Strood. I will talk about the final design in my next post.

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