Monday, 7 February 2011

Mosaic Progress lll

A Knights Templar

Mosaic construction of the inserts are moving ahead while installation details are sorted out. I have continued with the Historical and Heritage theme for a couple more designs.

A finished Knights Templar (the core theme used on the trail signposts)
and a mosaic depicting heritage buildings and history in the area.

I shall shift the focus away from from history and take a fresh look at the design work the schools have done. Revisit the flowers, maybe the trees or animals seen along the trail. I will also look and see if we have any people or faces. You need a balance of content!

It's funny to think back and I was worried about working and installing these mosaics in freezing temperatures, where my cement would freeze before drying and the mosaics would crumble off as a result of a messed up curing process. Touch wood that particular issue never materialised.  


  1. Thanks for your kind words Jo.
    I've had a lot of practice before though. I'm looking forward to seeing what they actually look like when they are installed.