Sunday, 22 May 2011

The finished markers

Here is a photo of each marker and its location, there are eleven in total, 9 granite pillars and 2 rocks clad with mosaic tiles.

Saladin; by the motorway underpass

sunflower at Darnley Steps 

Partrait of Anne Pratt as a girl. (Victorian botanist born in Strood) Rede Common Hyacinth Ave

wild flowers at the entrance to Rede Common on Watling Street

Hertige and Heraldry in Watling Street opposite Elaine Ave

A map of Strood on Gravesend Road
A passer by in Broomfield Park said to me, 'I can see this one depicts wild flowers, but the one on Gravesend Road.....I can't make it out at you know what it is?'
I said, 'As it happens I do'.

It is a map of strood drawn by a young boy with learning difficulties. Starting at the bottom left is his house, on the right is his pet dog, above that is the pond he passes every day on the way to school and on the way home, above that is a door into the school and his friends waiting for him in the playground. I think this may also be his world map too, and the sun is out on the right hand side.

Wild Flowers at the top of Gorse Hill

Marsh Marigolds in Broomfield Park

Heritage and Heraldry on Church Green in Findsbury

A Knights Templar outside Temple Manor Knight Road

A look back in time to a busy River Medway by the railway bridge
 These were all designed with local schools and community groups who have been able to visualise their aspirations and feelings about Strood.................celebrateing where they live.

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  1. amazing pix of the granite markers. such a great art it is, really impressive and very attractive