Sunday, 22 May 2011


This went smoothly, thanks to Volker Highways who really did the grafting on this. A logistical exercise involving many sites, heavy granite pillars and many instructions. They did a grand job and I hope the good people of strood appriciate their work behind the scenes. It went so well.... even a friendly resident had the key to a removable bollard allowing me to drive up instead of pushing the entire contents of my car up a hill in a wheel barrow relay.
The granite pillars are kerb stones taken out of the town centre in the mid 80's. These have been laying in a council depot abandoned since then. So Medway Highway Dept have donated them to the project. They are perfect for the job.

Parking was a not an issue on this installation either. My car is a mobile tool box on these occasions and I need it as close to the site as possible. Sometimes it can be a nightmare, but not this time. I think 80% of the scratches, dents, and other minor damages to my car have been done on these types of installations!
Put a traffic cone out, and wear a hi viz vest and access was easy on nearly all the sites !
The mosaic is cemented in, then the paper is washed off revealing the mosaic below.

Map of Strood with the paper half off

The black on the top is grout, which has to be cleaned off before it goes hard.

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