Friday, 19 November 2010

Everyone has taken part.

Two days at a school with total focus on special needs. Learning is flexable in this situation and we covered all aspects around this project and I have really enjoyed my time here. Had a game of football at break time (rush back goalies) with some confusion over the final score and the opposition had more players than we did! I had  Hannah from Animate alongside me and she was easy with this situation and took some great photos.

even though we were attacked by bats on several occasions we managed
 to trace the trail route and create our own map.

these three guys worked well together, on a large work showing their
everyday journey through the town of strood and the surrounding areas.

I can't possibly show all the work produced here as there was so much, but I have highlighted the work done where real effort and carefull concentration was applied. Particularly to the ships on the river drawing.  

In the last session I worked with one of the older guys to make a collage, and I have to mention how well mannered and polite he was through the entire session. I really enjoyed working with him.

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