Sunday, 7 November 2010

Realistic Expectations.

Youth Club Session No.1

The youth club was the largest I have ever been in. Lots of rooms for all kinds of activities including a sound studio, rock climbing wall, room with a large tele in, and the more usual 5 aside football, pool, table tennis and the standard graffiti mural. I could tell this was not done by the members of the club, but a professional mural painter, which had a portrait of Bob Marley and allocated spaces for 'Tagging'. In fact as I looked around, the doors on the kitchen cupboards were all still attached, the waste bins were undented all the electrical appliances worked, no plywood over the windows and this was actually a very well resourced facility and a whole upstairs that I never even had the chance to look at.  Neither was the pool table ripped.  

This is a typical responce from youth goups..... 'Art ....yeh I dropped that when I took my options'.....I am not at school and you don't have to make me do it. I came here to flirt with girls, listen to some wrap in the mixer room and be cool in front of my mates. May be do a few football tricks. I am not going to show myself right up in front of everyone trying to draw stuff I got an E grade.......So fair enough... it is optional!  

But at this youth club two girls spent the entire evening with me drawing and talking about Gaudi and the city of Barcelona, Van Gogh, impressionist painting and Andy Warholl. I had the difference between fine art and graphics explained to me. Heraldic designs with mythological animals seemed favourite.

With so many other more exciting activities going on, I felt I engaged a small audience who liked the slide show of the trail and recognised the locations. I did spend a lot of time with a non drawing E grader playing a sort of drawing game, where you start at home and one by one things happen as you walk around the garden and back home again.

A drawing game travelling along an imaginary trail.

Drawing from imagination when you are in Primary school is the easiest most natural thing, but when your in your teenage years it is one of the most difficult and failing in front of your peer group is to be avoided at all costs.
Normally I have a game of pool or table tennis, but I was too busy this time.

interested in heralic designs

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