Wednesday, 10 November 2010

West meets East

West meets East is what happened to me today, and if you think back to the Knights Templar's that was kind of what they were about except it was the middle east. But they learnt so much from other cultures and they became so powerful, that the church here had to put an end to it. They were outlawed and killed.

The trees have less leaves on them now compared to last time I visited the school. This is the 3rd workshop and my 2nd in this school. Children are saying hi to me in a surprised kind of way as I walk down the corridor. I think my class are a bit younger this time. This class is er.......more lively... very demanding and defiantly liking the slide show. I have a been told that diamonds in the rocks can be found on Rede Common.

Slow to get going this group but a lot of free spirits in this class and very much carrying out their own ideas, my themes and attempts to steer them to what I want fall on stony ground and I have to go with the flow and allow these drawings to develop.

This class have shown me a thing or two about techniques and ideas generation as they get going....noisy but that's OK isn't it, they are working hard and trying stuff out.                                                              
lets do lots of small drawings .....A3 too big.

using leaves as templates
to join shapes together

butterfly templates


They are younger and their imagination is leading them and I get running commentaries about whats happening in their pictures. Some one has done rows of shields are letters on a page. You can't tell people to draw something they don't want to, its best to let them show me the way and see whats comes out. I have only done two workshops in this school and they have generated enough material to design markers for two or three trails already. 

love these crowns and shields.............................just fab

a crown with a face in.................... how good is that?

After class I was taken to the West Meets East Club. An exchange school programme sending stuff through the post to each other like a pen friend but with an Indian school. We were shown new ways of picture making ..........where we drew with glue and sprinkled precious coloured pigments onto the glue through a sieve.

Exuberant describes my day in this school as I was carried along by their momentum.

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