Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Moving On

Preparations for the Strood Safari are well under way and I have attached some initial sketches by Jo. These start to bring to life one of the Safari leaders............the...aherm.....Eccentric Mr C?

by Jo from Animate  
 Other news:

Had a good meeting with the city council today and for me the way forward has been identified. This afternoon I took four rocks to a specialist contractor for diamond drilling!

I have also spent a while sketching out some visuals for Strood Trail Markers. I'm not ready to unleash them on happless readers yet...that will be the next post.

I have also recieved some very nice emails from a few readers of the blog so far, thank you for those. I urge readers to leave comments on the blog so a dialogue and momentum builds as this project develops.


  1. Going on Safari into strood without bayonets fixed! Is that wise ? you obviously haven't heard of of Stroods imfamous Stroodalldoodles watch out for them

  2. I've got a Labradoodle called it worth bringing him along?