Thursday, 4 November 2010

What will we see on the Strood Safari?

I found the school today, nestled on the top of the highest hill in Strood. I was quite surprised to see so much green and nature around the school, considering it was located in the heart of an enormous housing estate. the school had lovely green spaces on their doorstep, and the road leading to the school had an avenue of amazing autumnal trees. They started yellow and turned more red as I went up the hill towards the school. 

The school is so lucky to have the new community trail on their doorstep. The cross-over between the Strood and Cuxton trails are literally five minutes walk away.... surely a great excuse for future outdoor class work!

I turned up with my magic box of art tools and a giant piece of paper, and warmly greeted by the pupils. We were all very excited to be working together and 'doing art' for Strood. Over the course of the afternoon, the pupils told me all about their town by drawing a great map which included their houses, the roads, the river, castle, and all the the green spaces they could think of (yes Reed Common is included as an important part of the town!). We even managed to explore who - or what  - lives in Strood. Cats and dogs were very common habitants, but butterflies, ants, pigeons, swans, fish, ladybirds have also be spotted. We are sure that they will be seen on the Strood Safari at some point!

So I'm now going to take all the images away, get them scanned and use some of them in the posters and postcards, promoting the big Strood Safari event in December. Watch this space for final artworks!

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