Sunday, 14 November 2010

The new Trail Signs are in place.

My last visit to the youth club was very different. Looking back with hindsight I might have made a mistake taking in the work generated by the primary school into the youth club. I wanted to see if we could sort the drawings into two piles together: ones that were relevant or interesting in some way and those not usable. Then I had hoped to expand on why these drawings were chosen and develop the ideas within them. This may have alienated the group as too hard a task, or the drawings were just seen as not proper art, as I was very quickly asked to prove that I could draw and was this art thing serious? They looked at photos of my previous work and asked lots of questions, as if they were deciding if art was justifiable.

A younger club goer enjoyed drawing King Richard 1. 

When I was young I copied this picture several times. I would just like to say it was John Kenney who illustrated these ladybird books as well as the Thomas Tank Engine series, he must have fired the imagination of millions of children. Quite a legacy.

The new trail signs are already in place.

On the way home in the car I played Led Zeppelin Good Times Bad Times............!

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