Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The pupils drew boldly and fearlessly

I was welcomed so warmly at Bligh Junior School by staff today... It really sets the tone to the afternoon. The pupils in the class I worked with were ultra on task today! They drew and drew like they've never drawn before.

We looked at photos along the trail, spotting places they knew and wondering what wildlife and flowers there may be along the way. We tried to capture our imaginations on paper with pencils and a few colours. The pupils drew boldly and fearlessly. We created a lot of art this afternoon.

All the drawings will be handed over to Rob who may use them and make them into the mosaics for the community trail. The pupils were sure that one of their ideas will be in the art works. They will be joining us on the Strood Safari - so hopefully we will be able to spot them on the tour!

I know Jo had 'a technical' with her camera, so I've drawn some wild flowers instead, and I will probably will be able to get some photos of their drawings on here a little later.

Blogged by Jo Dyer Animate Community Arts.


  1. It was a 'technical' gov'! Batteries died!

  2. a timely prompt.... charged the battery on my camera ready to take some photos of the drawings I did yesterday.

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