Friday, 26 November 2010

Initial Design Ideas.

I have drawn up some initial designs now for these mosaic markers. I found out in my last meeting that I may need to change the shape of them, but here is the basic look and style of them.

I have tried as hard as I can to keep to the original material generated by the workshops. I did about 10 or more designs but most of them will have change now, so I will show you about half of them! I want to show how  the design workshops have influenced my designs. 

marsh marigolds
I have used a green background with a white boarder on all the designs as this follows the style of the metal Strood Community Trail Signs recently positioned along the route. I have also added the trail logo in every design as well so things link together visually.
this design was done by a hard working student with special needs who has depicted shipping on the busy River Medway some 500 years ago. I was impressed by googled research to complete this students work.

Another student with special needs depicting heraldry and the medieval heritage of the area. 


This is Victorian Botanist Anne Pratt who lived in Strood and in her time was quite famous, She had a bad knee as a child and took up drawing at a very young age.


wild flowers on Rede Common.

There are wild sunflowers growing out of cracks in the brickwork of a building at Darnley Steps noted by this student.

A Knights Templar...................... at the core of the whole trail.

So another walk around the trail for me next week to agree what form these markers will take ie on stones, in the floor or on stone pillers and where exactley we can put these markers.

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